Testimonials - Smoking Cessation,Weight loss and much more!




After struggling to remain completely smoke free I turned to you....Even after almost losing my life I just couldn’t seem to give those damn cigarettes up....After one session; ONE SESSION; I was smoke free with no cravings or desires to smoke....Believe me I’m surrounded by triggers to smoke. Thank you for helping me to get there and to remain free for over 4 months now....Thank you for helping me to live longer so I can enjoy my

life with my wife, children and now my grandchildren....The gift of life is


My sessions with Pam have solidified my commitment to being smoke free. Completely smoke free after the first session and no cravings at all. Pam follows up and provides positive energy to help me stay focused on this journey.

Thank you Pam. D. Pickel 

healthy lifestyle



As a new Shape Practitioner in the area, I arranged to meet with Joi Stevens so that I could learn more about Hypnotherapy and get a feel for her service, office and location. It was important to me that I knew as much as possible before I referred my clients to her. Upon entering her office I

was immediately taken by the serenity of her work environment...not sure what I expected but it was not that!!! Her office is an amazing oasis and you immediately feel “at home.” After a discussion with Joi I began to share my personal challenges with Shape and she suggested that I try a session. Wow!!! Joi Stevens brings you back to that feeling of “I’ve got this.” Everyone knows that feeling and how much we hate to lose it! At my next Shape  appointment....I was down 6 pounds!!! If you keep telling yourself, “Hypnotherapy would never work

for me”....Challenge yourself and give it a try. I look forward to listening to my sessions at the end of these crazy days and it has made a profound difference in my life! Thank you Joi! Keep doing what you do....your work is making a difference! 

G. Ouellette

Making better choices



Yesterday I had my very first experience with hypnotherapy. I have to say,

I am a fan! Pam made me feel sooooo very relaxed and comfortable. I was concerned about my ability to relax after having a very emotionally difficult week. But, Pam took me into her lovely space, tucked me under her loving, nurturing wing, and began to take me to a place I had longed to be. That place was “AT PEACE”. I have not felt at peace for a long time. She consoled my  subconscious into believing...in my self worth. I then began to come to the realization that I am worth so much more than the “crappy food choices” I was making. As I went into my relaxation, each part of my body individually, began to relax and feel an amazing calming warmth. The details all add up to an experience I couldn’t wait to share. She was just what I needed! I highly recommend her to anyone that is having a struggle with something that they may feel unable to control. S.





I went to Pam a few months ago desperate to get help with my sleeping habits. I was to the point where I was taking two sleeping pills and still staying up til 1-2am because it would take me forever to fall asleep. I went to ONE session and now am happily falling asleep within 10 minutes, and staying asleep all night...Can’t wait to see what else she can do to help me!

L. Nelson

parkinsons disease/tremors



Hi All, I would like to share my experience with Joi. I have Parkinsons Disease and have tried 3 different medications from my Neurologist with no good results. I have also tried medical marijuana, which didn’t help with  tremors but did help me sleep at night. I then tried hypnotism with Joi.

This has given the best results with tremors. I listen to the audios everyday and use the matras daily. This has done wonders for me. I highly recommend this for anyone. My brother recommended Joi to me as he used her for weight loss and was extremely satisfied as I am.

 D. Hodgkins

archery concentration



I want to thank Pam London and Believe In Hypnotherapy - I am shooting better than I ever have. It helped my  Concentration which improved my shooting. I am headed to the World competition in August. 

J. Freeman




Two years ago I was in a car accident and sustained a major injury to my ankle. I just recently had my fourth major surgery which resulted in the amputation of my leg. Over these past 2 years Joi has been a major asset during the long process. Hypnotherapy has had a major impact on my recovery and has benefited me indefinitely. My chronic pain and phantom limb syndrome have become a thing of the past. Without her and hypnotherapy my recovery would have been miserable. I just want to say thank you to Joi and say that any one who may be curious or hesitant about whether hypnotherapy works or not should give it a try for themselves because it truly is beneficial. A. Simpson

borderline diabetic



Pam hypnotized me for sugar - I was borderline diabetic with really high cholesterol. I just received my first blood-work and this is what my physician wrote as the comments: “Dr. Sanchez here. I reviewed your labs, they look good. Your Cholesterol is barely high, and your thyroid certainly can do without medicine. Your sugar level is fine as well, so keep doing what you’re doing and have a great holiday season.”

Thanks, Pam!!!! I BELIEVE!!! 

B. Mauzy

Hypnotherapy is an amazing option for weight loss!




I had a session with Joi to get rid of my fear of flying before I went on a recent business trip. It worked so well that I almost forgot to tell her! It never would have occurred to me to try hypnotherapy but after a couple of conversations with her I was ready to give it a try. I am SO glad that I did.One session and the fear is gone. While I can’t say that I was all excited about flying, I was absolutely indifferent about all the things I used to panic about. And I WAS excited about my trip. It was really neat to look forward to going somewhere instead of dreading it! THANK YOU JOI. E. Callaway

emotional well-being



 has been a godsend in my life. I started with Joi to address one specific journey and one specific path that I wanted to focus

on; little did I know all the different paths that we would walk down together! It truly has been an amazing journey and one that couldn’t have been done without the help of Joi and hypnotherapy. I look forward to continuing on my path to overall mental, emotional, and physical well-being; with Believe In Hypnotherapy and Joi I know that whatever I put my mind to I can achieve!

Just wanted to give a quick “shout out” to Joi again at Believe In Hypnotherapy. My experience has been nothing short of amazing! I initially started using hypnotherapy about a year ago with Joi to tackle one issue and soon was using hypnotherapy to tackle many other issues as well - what started as a three session program has turned into a monthly visit! I literally feel lighter when I leave her space and have a great overall sense of emotional well-being. And hypnotherapy doesn’t need to stop when you walk out her door; Joi gives you audios of your sessions so that you can listen to them whenever you like (which is a great boost to your subconsciousness). I truly am thankful for what Joi and Believe In Hypnotherapy has done for my life; I look forward to many more sessions with Joi in the future!  

T. Clarke




I had my first and only (so far) Hypnotherapy appointment 4 weeks ago with Pam London. I can’t tell you how much this has changed my life. I went to

Pam as a “last resort” before seeing the doctor to increase my medication. I have suffered with fibro. pain all winter. Nothing I tried seemed to work. On March 11th I saw Pam and had a session with her. I left the office feeling better and have been getting better each day. Not only have I noticed a difference my friends tell me they can see a difference. I have now decreased my fibro meds and my depression meds. As I see it I can  only keep getting better and better. It’s been a week since my hypnotherapy appointment. I can not believe the amount of energy that I have. I still go to bed tired each night but now instead of waking up tired I wake up refreshed and ready for another day. I use the tape each night. People in my life have noticed a difference in my energy level, my physical looks, and my whole demeanor. Thank you for helping me get my life back. I had my therapy session on 3/11/16. I know that it hasn’t been that long but after a year and half of stress and pain I tried hypnotherapy. I have noticed that now instead of waking up tired I wake up refreshed and ready to face my day. I have more energy to get up and do things. The best thing that has happened is that my friend saw me Monday and told me how much more relaxed and less stressed. I do my homework each night and

listen to my recording each night. Looking forward to what is in store for me. 

Thank you Pam. 

C. Arnold




Almost two weeks have passed since I had my very first hypnotherapy session with Joi Stevens working on stress management and a few other little things. I am already feeling myself relax and problem solve issues with a clearer and more positive attitude. I am not freaking out on loved ones as much as I did and so far have not had a weekly melt down like I have due to stress. We did not address this in our session but I am eating better and making better food choices and its not work, it’s what my body and mind wants. Life is so much more exciting and beautiful when you are happy! So I would most definitely recommend Hypnotherapy if you want to change the life problems you are having and you want to enjoy your life

and live each day to its full potential with a smile on your face. 

D. Dow